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I love words. I guess that partly explains why I’m a songwriter; there’s something both mysterious and incredibly satisfying about taking a handful of nouns and verbs and shaping them into something new and beautiful. I like cleverness, wordplay, rhyme, alliteration – the whole … Continue reading

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Still thinking about the anniversary of Rich Mullins’ death. Here’s a clip from my duet of “I See You” with Jaime Thietten​: Continue reading

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Today is the 20th anniversary of the death of one of my heroes, Rich Mullins. Continue reading

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Ever been hungry? I mean, really hungry? Stomach-rumbling hungry? You know what doesn’t help at at all when you’re hungry? Talking about food. The idea of food does nothing to satisfy your hunger. Thinking about food and talking about it really just makes … Continue reading

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I grew up in Northern California, where my family attended a small church that met Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and even Wednesday nights. If the church doors were open, we were there. First to arrive – and typically the last to leave.

And at every service, we sang hymns. These hymns were the first songs I ever knew, and they shaped a lot of my ideas about music and singing. Continue reading

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Isn’t it Spring yet? Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” At least, not for another few days (March 20, to be precise). It has definitely been an unusual winter here at the Riggan Ranch in Idaho – and probably wherever you are.  This … Continue reading

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In honor of Memorial Day (today only – May 30 2016), I’d like to give you guys a free download of “Mrs. Taylor” from my CD “Act of Surrender.” **NOTE: this free MP3 is no longer available** “Mrs. Taylor” is not really … Continue reading

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I wrote the song “Heal Me” with my good friends and songwriting partners Ben Bauman and Randy Thomas. When I was putting out my first solo project, an industry insider advised me to not include the song on my CD; he … Continue reading

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Back in January I made a decision. I made up my mind that 2013 would be a lighter year for my music career. Of course, next year I’ll be back with a new record and a lot more touring, but for … Continue reading

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Hey guys, just a quick note about the Songwriting Seminar that I’m participating in this coming Saturday, April 6 at Boise Bible College. My good friends and fellow songwriters Ryan Stevenson, Ben Bauman and Staci Frenes will all be on … Continue reading

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