One minute, Josiah was just fine. He was almost ready for school and was in a great mood. Next, I heard a plaintive wail coming from the hallway and I turned back around to see Joey collapsed on the floor, sobbing bitterly.

Assuming he’d run into the wall or stubbed his toe (he has, unfortunately, inherited all of my physical grace) I asked him what was wrong.

With all the anguish a seven-year old can muster, he answered through his sobs, “I’ll never be a knight!”

You have to understand that Josiah is obsessed with everything to do with knights. Armor, swords, Narnia, Arthur – this is the stuff that really stirs up his already vivid imagination.

So I figured it was just one of those sad moments in life when the cold hard anvil of reality comes plummeting down to crush childhood fantasy into smithereens. Maybe he had realized, suddenly, how hard it would be to find a career path that rewards specialized knowledge like how to rescue princesses from dragons or how to properly care for your sword.

So it was with sympathy that I asked him why he couldn’t be a knight. Still sobbing, he answered with despair, “Because knights don’t have freckles!”
Continue reading

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So we’ll be heading out in a few weeks for a quick tour. I usually direct y’all to my Tour page for concert schedule updates, but instead today I thought I’d just post my concert plans for the rest of 2012 right here. It is my website, after all…

9/29 thru 9/30 – Everett, WA
10/10 – Cheyenne, WY
10/11 thru 10/14 – Colorado Springs, CO (private conference)
10/14 – Colorado Springs, CO
10/15 – Grand Junction, CO
10/17 – Las Vegas, NV
10/18 thru 10/21- Hume Lake, CA (private conference)
10/21 – Vacaville, CA
11/4 – Caldwell, ID (Valley Church Invasion service)
11/8 – Chapel at Boise Bible College
11/9 – Eagle, ID (Gary Smalley event)
11/17 thru 11/18 – Idaho Falls, ID
12/6 – KTSY Christmas Event

We decided to not tour in December this year, but I’m going to be working with 89.5 KTSY on a really cool Christmas event (more details to follow).

For 2013, so far we’re planning shows in AZ, TN, IL, IN, CA, OR, WA, ID, UT and CO. I’d like to get some things rolling for MI, WI and OH as well – and if your church or venue or conference is interested I’d love to talk with you guys – no matter where you are. Comment below or message me!

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Ten years ago, I hung out my shingle as a solo artist (after several great years with my indie band “the nobodys”). 2002 was a big year for me; I released my first solo CD, my son Josiah was born … and I moved my family 2,000 miles from Nashville to Idaho.

But secretly … I feared my music might never be heard by much of anyone, and that moving to a place like Idaho would be the death knell for my career. I didn’t want to acknowledge it, but there was a nagging voice in my mind saying “it’s all over – you’d better have a Plan B.”

But then a funny thing happened: my tour calendar started filling up, and by 2003 I had my first bona fide radio hit when “I Love You Lord” hit #1 (and stayed on the Billboard radio charts for over 9 months!). Soon I had more songs on the radio and had toured all over the U.S. I began a partnership with The JESUS Film Project and started hosting their daily radio feature. I was traveling overseas Continue reading

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Okay people of Earth, I have an assignment for you! Of all the songs I’ve written and recorded, what are your favorites? While it may come across as a little needy, I can’t help asking – and I’d really like to know what you think! This kind of info is actually pretty helpful as I look at freshening up the set list for my shows.

So to make it interesting… Please take the poll (select up to 10 songs) and then comment with your #1 favorite. I’ll randomly select one contributor to win a CD or DVD of his/her choice. Click on for the poll… Continue reading

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In my family, it isn’t okay to interrupt someone when they’re talking.

When Julie and I still lived in Tennessee we took a really helpful parenting class, and one of the ideas we came away with was to train a child to put a hand on your arm when you’re talking and he or she wants to say something. You can acknowledge them by putting your hand on theirs and when you’re finished talking you ask what they want.

When Emily was 4 years old, she accompanied me to a Father-Daughter event. While I was singing, she needed to ask me something, so she came up to me onstage and put her hand on my arm – while I was playing the keyboard and singing. As I continued singing, she got tired of waiting so she started HANGING on my arm. This is where that particular parenting strategy breaks down.

So the other day, Joey interrupted my wife and I talking – a big no-no. And I said “Josiah, you’re interrupting!” He explained: “I wasn’t interrupting – I was moving myself into the conversation.”

There may be a career in politics in Joey’s future … Continue reading

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Five weeks ago, our sweet-natured black lab (Blackberry) had a litter of 12 puppies. They are cute and playful and curious, as you would expect. They are also poopy. And they like to bite – something which we’re actively discouraging. I especially love the wobbly way they all walk (a little drunkenly, it looks like) and how they’ll gambol around when they play.

We’re going to keep the runt of the litter, a chocolate lab that Josiah named Rhino (I don’t think Josiah knows about irony yet, but I love that name for such a little pup.) There’s another one that has kind of won my heart (sweet little Rose, a black lab who has more personality than the other 11 combined), but we can only keep one, so Continue reading

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I’m doing a free concert at Cherry Festival in my town (Emmett, Idaho) on Thursday at 7:00 pm. This is our town’s week-long community festival, and it’s a really fun family event. But I have to admit that I’m a little nervous about it because of what happened several years ago, the last time I played at Cherry Festival.

Things started off fine, but sometime during my first song, a few people began drifting off. By the second song, people were actually running away. Yes, running. So we all looked at each other wondering what we were doing wrong.

(My strategy in those kinds of situations is to glare at the sound man, so that if we sound bad everyone assumes it’s his fault…)

But anyway, people were actually running away from my concert. This could shake one’s confidence; it’s the kind of thing that makes a singer question if he’s in the right line of work.

So when I saw the smoke from the big building that was burning down the street (corner of Main and Washington), I have to say that I was relieved. It’s an ugly thing to admit … but I was really glad things weren’t what they seemed. Continue reading

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A few years ago, my wife Julie and I (along with Ben and Jackie, our good friends) moved to Nashville so that Ben and I could pursue a career in songwriting and music ministry. We left our home in the Northwest without really having any idea what we were getting into … no jobs, no place to live … and no clue how to get our songs heard.

Looking back, it’s clear that we were truly, profoundly dumb. What kind of idiots move 2000 miles across country without a plan for income and housing? Did we think that the music industry would announce our arrival with red carpet and trumpet fanfare? Continue reading

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The fact that I really love goofy slang words will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well. For example, I don’t think we use the word “groovy” quite enough. There’s just something so satisfyingly silly about saying something is “groovy.”

My favorite expression lately has been “jinkies” – which of course I learned from Scooby Doo cartoons when I was a kid. It’s an expression of astonishment, and I can’t tell you how frequently it seems to be just the right word for the occasion.

You might be as surprised as I was to learn that the first known use of the word “bodacious” was way back in 1832 (instead of, say, 1982). It’s probably a blend of “bold” and “audacious,” and I think that’s kind of awesome.

Someone introduced me to the word “snickersneeze” the other day, and apparently it’s a vague, humorous threat that a parent might use with a child (“Spill your milk again and I’ll have to snickersneeze you!”). I’ve decided to try to use “snickersneeze” as often as possible.

So I’d love to know some of your favorite silly slang words. Leave a comment. If I get a good response, I may create a poll and have people vote for an overall favorite.

Or, if all I get is the sound of crickets I will know that I’m a complete dork…

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**NOTE: THIS OFFER EXPIRED ON MAY 31 2012 – but the song is available on iTunes!**

In honor of Mother’s Day (this coming Sunday) and Memorial Day (May 28), I’m giving away a free MP3 of my song “Mrs. Taylor” from my “Act of Surrender” EP.

To get your “MP-Free”, all you do is go to http://www.volummonster.com and then enter this code: SCOTTFREE4MAY (you’ll be asked for your email and zip). Please feel free to download the song and share the link and code with anyone you think would be moved by the song. Read on for the lyrics to “Mrs. Taylor.” Continue reading

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