Deep Roots - Cover - CD BabyHey everyone! My new CD will be available soon – December 10th, in fact. But right now you can pre-order it HERE on my website or from iTunes! With every iTunes pre-order you’ll get an instant download of one of the songs, and the rest will automatically download on 12/10/13.

So please visit iTunes now – and share the link with friends and family today!

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If you’re one of my wonderful Kickstarter Backers, you should have an exclusive download link (for the new CD) in your inbox by now. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until December 10th.

Except … I can’t wait that long to share at least something from “Deep Roots.” So here’s a sneak peek at my cover of the Grammy and Dove award winning song “10,000 Reasons.” And yes, I’m aware that it’s not strictly a hymn … but I like it and decided to put it on the hymn CD (and it is my CD, after all, so I get to choose what’s on it). Anyway, take a listen and please let me know what you think!

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2010-6-28 BlackberryMy son’s black lab, Blackberry, recently had 11 puppies.

I remember when she was a puppy herself, and Josiah was teaching her to do things like fetch and sit. At that age, there was always something new to learn.

One night, Blackberry tried to eat a toad, but it turns out that toads secrete something that makes the puppy’s mouth foam up and then makes the puppy puke.

As defense mechanisms go, this one is flawed, since the toad is dead … but lesson learned, right? Don’t eat toads. So naturally, Blackberry found another toad and repeated the whole thing just a few minutes later.

I have to admit that sometimes I have the same problem. I’ll make stupid choices and then have to deal with consequences – but then turn right around and do it all again, as if I’ve already forgotten. This isn’t just me, I know. It’s such a part of the human condition that even the Apostle Paul admitted to it:

Romans 7:21-25a NIV
So I find this law at work: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

What’s really interesting to me about what Paul says is, well, what he doesn’t say. Wouldn’t you expect Paul (an Apostle, remember) to say “so here’s how I licked that sin problem that I used to have.” That’s how our sermons and hymns and Christian hit songs have usually dealt with this touchy subject. We’ve all sinned (past tense) but “now I am happy all the day.”

But no. Paul actually admits his own struggle with sin is ongoing (whoa!) and further admits his own helplessness to fix that problem. He’s not saying that we should just give up and have a sin free-for-all (he’s already addressed that in Romans 6). Just a couple of verses later, he tells us “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1 NIV).

Yet again, I’m reminded of how much I need Jesus.

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My son’s black lab Blackberry had her third (and final) litter several weeks ago, and soon the puppies will need to go to their new homes. If you’re nearby and would like to inquire, just comment below or use the contact page (or Facebook, or Twitter)… Here’s a look at their chubby cuteness:

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Scott Riggan Vocal Session for Deep RootsThe “Deep Roots” CD is almost done! Click on the picture to watch a short video and hear some rough mixes of a handful of the songs (along with some footage of the recording process in Nashville and Boise).

And don’t forget: my Kickstarter fundraising campaign ends in 2 days and I still need your help to make the goal! Please consider pre-ordering ($10 for the download!) or even pledging a larger amount (lots of cool rewards from which to choose).

Thank y’all! So glad I get to make music for you.

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secret songsIn case you haven’t heard, I’m recording a new CD called “Deep Roots” and I’m using Kickstarter for pre-orders. There are various funding levels – i.e. $10 for just a download of the CD with increasing “rewards” for higher levels.

At the $50 level and above, I’m offering a special bonus CD (“Secret Songs”) with 20 tracks – EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter backers.

And now, the question that invariably follows: “Huh. Okay, so what’s on the Secret Songs CD?” And my answer is … it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you here, now would it? Since I don’t want to spoil the surprise, here’s what I can tell you:

  • Eight of the songs come from Nashville recording sessions that I did awhile back. All eight are familiar worship songs, and they just never fit on one of my own records.
  • Two of the songs (both very cool and inventive hymn arrangements) were previously released on a friend’s CD. He graciously gave his permission to include them here.
  • A couple of tracks are from live performances (including the ukulele version of “Like Incense” recorded the first time we experimented with that arrangement – you can tell we’re having a blast with it).
  • I’ve done countless radio interviews, and sometimes they send me the audio afterwards. After culling through the archive, I have several entertaining segments to share with you (including some live-in-the-studio performances).
  • And … there’s also a Christmas duet with a certain amazing singer with whom I’ve previously duetted (and although this song was actually released, it was only available at certain coffee shops in the Boise area).

So I’ve actually revealed quite a bit about the “secret songs” CD. I think you’ll enjoy it!

And here’s the truth: I really need your help right now! As I type this, we’ve reached 25% of our goal, and Kickstarter projects must reach 100% or there’s no funding! Zippo! So your pledge (and sharing the link with friends and family) is super important if I’m going to be able to make this CD happen.

Thanks guys! Here’s the Kickstarter link:

And since you’re already here, I’ll drop in the “rewards graphic” for the Kickstarter campaign. Click on the graphic (or any of the above links) to get more details.
Kickstarter Rewards Graphic


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For the third (and final) time, our pure-bred black lab Blackberry has had a litter of puppies.

Eleven puppies, actually. They’re still tiny, and their eyes aren’t open yet, but they’re awful cute, as you can see.

Rhino needs to leave the pups alone, so we had to lock him in the barn for a little while. I think he’s forgotten that he’s not a puppy himself anymore, because he tried to get out through the cat door.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had any new music for you, so this is kinda big news: I’ve started working on a new CD – and it will be available before Christmas!

The title is “Deep Roots,” and it will be a collection of hand-picked hymns – some familiar, some more obscure – all of them personal.

I’m excited to get started. I’ve booked the studio, hired the musicians, chosen the songs, finalized the arrangements and bought my plane tickets for Nashville … but there’s one thing I still need: your help.

It’s very expensive to make a great record, so I’m turning to you, my friends, for help. Your support has made it possible for me to keep making music this long, and I need it now more than ever!

So please take a look at the short video below and then visit my KICKSTARTER page for all the details.

SPECIAL NOTE: For anyone who backs the project at the $50 level and higher, you’ll get an exclusive copy of my “secret songs” CD. This is a bonus disc of fully-produced recordings I’ve NEVER RELEASED along with some radio interview clips and some live recordings (around 20 tracks!) – and only for my Kickstarter backers!

I would love to have you share in this creative undertaking with me. Your support will make this project happen – and you’ll have a role in creating a work of art that I believe will be an encouragement to a lot of people.

Thanks, and God bless,

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For those of you in the Boise, Idaho area, you’re invited to a Night of Worship this coming Sunday evening at 6:30.

I’ll be hosting the event along with other worship leaders from my church. It’s going to be a great night of uninterrupted praise.

See you Sunday at 6:30 pm at Eagle Christian Church (on State Street between Eagle and Star).

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scott riggan concert_0425Back in January I made a decision. I made up my mind that 2013 would be a lighter year for my music career.

Of course, next year I’ll be back with a new record and a lot more touring, but for now I have plenty to juggle here at home. I’m a worship pastor, and between my work at Eagle Christian Church and family stuff, I have more than enough to keep me busy full time.

We’ve just built a barn at the Riggan Ranch, and for years I’ve been putting off a lot of work around here while waiting for my schedule to slow down a bit. What I’ve finally learned is … life won’t ever slow down until I choose to slow down.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m choosing to slow down for a few months. Of course, I still have shows on the calendar, and I’m working on a bunch of songs for my next CD… But I’m giving myself permission to take a break from constant booking work, shows, blogging, etc. I expect to come back refreshed and with renewed energy.

Thank you, all of you who follow my music and writing. Please be patient while I take this mini-sabbatical. I’ll look forward to reconnecting with you all in a few months.

Grace, peace and good vibes,

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