As I write this, I’m experiencing simultaneous – perhaps conflicting – emotions. Allow me to explain.

22554961_10154353103157824_6842283462555938443_nWe just finished up our Fall Tour – which was a blast! We had a great time and it was so much fun to play my songs, tell my stories and talk about the good and faithful God that I love.

And it’s always a bonus that I get to hang out with my buddy Chris (21 years of playing music together!) – and this time, with my new friend Jordan (who, it turns out, was one year old when Chris and I started playing music together. Man, I’m getting old…).

Plus there was lots of good food and pretty much non-stop laughter. It was everything I love about going on the road.

However, near the end of the trip we experienced an unexpected and frustrating complication.

In Spokane, Washington, our van was broken into and nearly everything was stolen. Various guitars, most of my merchandise, equipment and gear – even my pillow. (Seriously guys? My pillow?).

I don’t want to make too big a deal of this; it’s just stuff.

And I’m reminding myself to be grateful; in all these years, I’ve never had to face this particular challenge.

We’ve filed a police report, submitted a list of everything we can think of that was stolen, contacted insurance (fingers crossed), repaired the damage to the van – basically, we’ve done all the things you can do in this situation. Now we wait and hope for the best.

Following the theft, we still had three shows to go. All three churches graciously provided instruments for us, and we adapted, using whatever was available. The people were wonderful, the ministry continued, and God’s faithfulness was reaffirmed.

In fact, during the very next show, it dawned on me how much these songs and stories underscored that theme. God is faithful. I can trust Him.

It’s all true. And while I would prefer to live in a world wherein vans don’t get broken into, instead I am reminded that Jesus is with me and will be with me through everything.


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  1. Peg Stewart says:

    So sorry but our God is so good and we will pray you get good news regarding all your losses. Scott you know my struggle with the,in style, worship music. As an older lady I actually find myself crying and begging God to take the despare and irritation out of my heart. Your song “ ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus” is so beautiful. My immediately reaction was, so why can’t we sing that in church, not the attitude I should have. Scott I don’t want to be a 😡 grumpy old lady, but one hymn a week would soothe my soul. Amazing Grace was wonderful on Saturday night especially after the very lively praise song that had me nervous as a could be that someone would begin speaking in tongues. Randy could help you understand our fear. So sorry for your loss, but your witness is strong even in adversity.

  2. Dave & Lydia Hull says:

    Have you in our prayers. So sad . I just this last week had a Bible study on the faithfulness of God and that we are to trust him. God be with you.

  3. Donna Turner says:

    So Sad that people can be so rude and ungodly. And you are right , it is just stuff.
    I Pray you will recover all that was lost to continue to make people smile with your music and project joy in this world. Amen Thank you for all you do

  4. Tate Shaw says:

    I’m in a band that has lost our gear (instruments, sound system, CDs and shirts) twice in the last five years. We got good insurance after the first time, but it’s a huge hassle. I’m so sorry. Trust in the Lord, my brother!

  5. Melinda Deighton says:

    Duuude. That’s not cool. I’m so sorry. Is there a way that people can help? Or is insurance covering your loss?

  6. Sherri Jensen says:

    Oh, my heart is just breaking for you and your band. Prayers going up.

  7. Jaime says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us and so sorry this happened. Keep up the amazing work you do to encourage and uplift those around you. God has and will continue to use this story and experience for His glory. Trust.

  8. Jordan Miller says:

    Oh no!!! I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I had my home burglarized once and it was such a violation. Even though they didn’t get much of anything valuable, it still felt bad to know someone with evil intent had broken into our home. Prayers going up for you today.

  9. Dorothy Graf says:

    I am sorry that happen to you and the band.Our God works in many ways.I will keep you and the band in prayer. God Bless.

  10. Diana Baird says:

    Do you need a guitar? I have two so I could give you one if needed. Nice Martin.
    Do you want me to share your tour story in the paper? If so, call me.

  11. Tom Douglass says:

    True dat. God is great.

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