breadEver been hungry? I mean, really hungry? Stomach-rumbling hungry?

You know what doesn’t help at at all when you’re hungry?

Talking about food.

The idea of food does nothing to satisfy your hunger. Thinking about food and talking about it really just makes it worse.

So what does help? Pretty obvious, right? The way to stop your hunger is to just eat something.

In John’s gospel, chapter 6, Jesus’ ministry is starting to gain traction and His teachings – and especially His miracles – are getting attention. Suddenly He’s got lots of new fans.

At the beginning of the chapter, He had miraculously fed the 5,000 and now people are following Him everywhere. Asking Him for more signs and wonders. “More bread, please!”

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” John 6:32 ESV

I fully accept the idea that we are all hard wired with a deep need for relationship with God; that we all experience a kind of hunger that can only be satisfied by the Bread of Life.

So with this deep instinct at work in us, we look for fulfillment in all of the obvious places: material possessions, entertainment, relationships, physical pleasure, spiritual enlightenment, etc. Many of us spend our entire lives working our way through an exhaustive but largely unconscious list in the search for what’s missing.

When Jesus says that he’s the Bread of Life, He’s telling us that all of the hunger that we experience as human beings – all of our need and desire and longing – find ultimate fulfillment only in Him.

Jesus was never interested in making fans. Followers, yes. But not people who stand at a distance and applaud.

I’ve come to realize that many of us have been talking about the Bread of Life for years but have failed to really partake.

Remember: the idea of food does nothing to satisfy your hunger. Talking about Jesus, singing about Him, writing blogs about the life of a Christ-follower – these things are all well and good. But they are no substitute for partaking of a relationship with Him.

I wrote the song “Hollow” about my desire to know God in a real and intimate way:


To have found You – this is just the beginning
I will not have my seeking done by another
Just to know You – this is all that I wish
I am not satisfied with just knowing about You

I am hollow – I am empty
I am a vessel – come and fill me
Wherever You go – that’s where I will be
Oh I will be following

I have tasted – I have tasted the water
Now I find that I thirst for – only Your love
Still I hunger – for the fruit of Your garden
Like a man who is starving – I can’t get enough

I am hollow – I am empty
I am a vessel – come and fill me
Wherever You go – that’s where I will be
Oh I will be following

Words & music by Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman. (c) 2008 Pleasantview Music (ASCAP). From the CD “Clouds & Fire”. Use only as directed. See your doctor if symptoms persist.

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7 Responses to HOLLOW

  1. Anthony Miller says:

    I though I had all of your CDs but I’ve somehow missed this one. That song is really great! I was trying to figure out the time signature – it’s 6/8 right? But the drums are doing something in 4/4 on the chorus? Anyway, great lyric and really cool track. I’m off to iTunes…

  2. James Gray says:

    Exactly right! We talk and talk and accumulate more knowledge of the Bible (which is a good thing) but we are fools to think that this is what spiritual maturity looks like and we fail to ever find satisfaction in the accumulation of knowledge and Bible trivia!

  3. Scott Riggan says:

    Hey Stacy, yes! “Hollow” is on my “Clouds and Fire” CD. Here’s the iTunes link if you’re interested: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hollow/id291784245?i=291784279

  4. Stacy Mueller says:

    I really, really like that song. Is it on one of your CDs?

  5. Nate Bennett says:

    I would add that talking about food just makes one’s hunger more acute. So I try to talk about Christ whenever I can. It’s getting harder to bring up spiritual things in a culture wherein we must carefully edit our conversations to avoid offending.

  6. Sharon Fahrner says:

    You are such an amazingly talented man of God. Thank you for teaching us to love and desire God more as you lead us with the beautiful music you make. I feel so privileged to call you a friend.

  7. Ken Thompson says:

    Sometimes this is referred to as the “God-shaped hole” that can only be filled by Him. Good word brother!

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