alliknowcoversmallI wrote the song “Heal Me” with my good friends and songwriting partners Ben Bauman and Randy Thomas. When I was putting out my first solo project, an industry insider advised me to not include the song on my CD; he believed it was too “dark” and that nobody wanted to hear a song that admitted such brokenness.

But I believed in the message of “Heal Me” so I chose to record it anyway. I’m glad I did, because (much to my surprise and gratitude) I’ve seen God use it to encourage a lot of people.

For example, I once met a lady who believed God used the song to save her life. After losing her husband to cancer, she had been deeply depressed and was going to kill herself.  While pacing her house trying to decide what method to use, for some reason she put my CD on. She heard the opening lines of “Heal Me” (“this is the way that You find me / broken in pieces on my knees”) and sat down in front of her stereo. For hours she just kept hitting “repeat.” Listening to “Heal Me” over and over that day, she found the courage to get help. Eventually, she became a counselor helping hurting people just like herself.

We all know shame and brokenness – and none of us will get through life without becoming acquainted with loss and grief. Thank God for our Savior and healer, Jesus.

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4 Responses to "HEAL ME"

  1. Tim Phillips says:

    Your music really speaks to me, Scott. I appreciate that your songs aren’t always about the joyous part of the Christian life. There’s a lot of struggle, doubt, frustration, questioning etc that are just part of living in a fallen and broken world. “I Thought I Knew You,” which is from the same record as “Heal me,” has always been a favorite. Keep up the great work!

  2. Susan Paris says:

    What a great story! I can see how your song could speak to anyone who knows about heartache and loss. It’s beautiful.

  3. Marc says:

    Great song. I’m glad you didn’t listen to the industry insider on this one. It’s not dark, just honest. I’ve had “All I Know” since it was new. Of all the music in my collection, it’s like a cherished old friend… always fresh, always encouraging, something new to hear every time I play it.

  4. Darlene says:

    That’s a good song. Thank you for sharing it. There have been certain songs that have come at just the right time in my life and have come to mean so much.

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