I was at a restaurant picking up dinner and the hostess recognized me.

She said, “you’re that guy who sings and tries to tell jokes!”

Hmmm. What can you say to that?

It’s really that one word “tries” that kind of ruined the moment for me . . .

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4 Responses to THAT GUY WHO SINGS AND …

  1. Ernie says:

    I agree with Susan!

  2. Jonah says:

    Ha ha ha! That’s excellent!

  3. Susan says:

    🙂 That’s much better than: “tries to sing and tells jokes.”

  4. Ira Card says:

    LOL! That’s awesome! I remember seeing you in Dallas years ago and you were hilarious. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard I Love You Lord, and your new CD is fantastic. Keep it up!

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