Deep Roots - Cover - CD BabyI’ve known most of these songs as long as I can remember.

I recall exactly one sermon that I heard as a child – Pastor Bill dressed up in a cardboard suit of armor and talked about Ephesians 6 – but I could probably rattle off the lyrics to dozens of hymns with little effort. I’m sure I picked up more theology from these songs than from anywhere else in my early life.

But it wasn’t just nostalgia that prompted me to record this collection.

There were moments in the studio while I was singing when the weight of these words struck me with such force that I had to stop singing and regain my composure. What was it that moved me?

It was truth. Beautifully and honestly expressed in song.

Thank you for letting me share this collection of hymns with you. Whether these songs are familiar or brand new to you, I pray they will be an encouragement.

Deep Roots is available at this website, iTunes and Amazon.

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  1. Sarah B says:

    I’m so glad to have this CD. I’ve been listening to it almost daily since the first of the year, and it really is helping me get through a very difficult season. Thanks so much!

  2. Renee says:

    I love to worship and these songs bring back great memories. I don’t know why some people look at older songs and newer songs and feel the need to choose one kind or the other. They can all be wonderful!

  3. Michael McCartney says:

    I grew up hating the hymns we sang at my church. Partly it was that the pianist and singers were terrible and partly it was the fact that we apparently only knew 20 songs. But now in my 40’s I’ve come about-face and I’m realizing that some (not all) of those songs are great and worth singing. thanks for making a really wonderful CD of worthwhile hymns. I love it.

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