Like it or not, holiday music is everywhere right now.  From “Silent Night” to “The Chipmunk Song”- it’s on TV, the grocery store, your chiropractor’s office – everywhere.

As a kid, I remember pulling out my parents’ vinyl records, stacking ’em up and dropping the needle to listen to a wide variety of Christmas tunes. A standout was always an LP from 1961 called “Holiday Sing Along With Mitch Miller and the Gang.”

It’s a glorious collision of accordion, gang vocals and cheeeesiest of arrangements which all contribute to perhaps the guiltiest pleasure in a season of guilty pleasures.

So what’s your holiday music “guilty pleasure?” Surely I can’t be the only one who tosses good musical taste out the window to revel in Holiday cheese. Comments below, please!

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  1. Scott Riggan says:

    Carl, I never saw the show (before my time) but I’ll bet there are some YouTube clips out there…

    Serenity, let me join with everyone else: “you are cheesy.” I say that as a friend.

    Melody and Terry, contrary to what I just said to Serenity, if you like it it’s fine. 🙂 And both Barbra and Karen are great song interpreters who OWN anything they sing.

  2. Terry Woods says:

    Would the Carpenter’s Christmas album be considered a guilty pleasure? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be ashamed of it or not, but I love it!

  3. Melody Anderson says:

    Has enough time passed that it’s okay to like Barbra Striesand’s Christmas record? My mom always played it at Christmas time (on cassette, of course) and it always makes me a little nostalgic when I hear her version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” Anything from that album, actually.

  4. Serenity Crane says:

    People tell me it’s cheesy, but I love Kenny G’s Christmas albums. That says Christmas to me. And… the Grinch song.

  5. Carl Douthit says:

    I remember my parents watching Sing along with Mitch every week. But the clip above doesn’t have the bouncing ball that went above each word when it was sung. Just doesn’t seem quite the same. (And NO, I didn’t sing along with Mitch … and I’m sticking with that NO.)

  6. Scott Riggan says:

    It might be appropriate to note: “…when David Koresh and members of his Branch Davidian cult were holed up in their compound in Waco, Tex., F.B.I. agents tried to flush them out by blasting ‘Sing Along With Mitch’ Christmas carols.” (from the New York Times)

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