It’s been awhile since I’ve had any new music for you, so this is kinda big news: I’ve started working on a new CD – and it will be available before Christmas!

The title is “Deep Roots,” and it will be a collection of hand-picked hymns – some familiar, some more obscure – all of them personal.

I’m excited to get started. I’ve booked the studio, hired the musicians, chosen the songs, finalized the arrangements and bought my plane tickets for Nashville … but there’s one thing I still need: your help.

It’s very expensive to make a great record, so I’m turning to you, my friends, for help. Your support has made it possible for me to keep making music this long, and I need it now more than ever!

So please take a look at the short video below and then visit my KICKSTARTER page for all the details.

SPECIAL NOTE: For anyone who backs the project at the $50 level and higher, you’ll get an exclusive copy of my “secret songs” CD. This is a bonus disc of fully-produced recordings I’ve NEVER RELEASED along with some radio interview clips and some live recordings (around 20 tracks!) – and only for my Kickstarter backers!

I would love to have you share in this creative undertaking with me. Your support will make this project happen – and you’ll have a role in creating a work of art that I believe will be an encouragement to a lot of people.

Thanks, and God bless,

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2 Responses to A LEAP OF FAITH

  1. Samantha says:

    Yah! When can we hear? Which hymns are you recording?

  2. Terri Gomez says:

    Yes! It’s time for some new music! I can’t wait to hear it!

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