So we’ll be heading out in a few weeks for a quick tour. I usually direct y’all to my Tour page for concert schedule updates, but instead today I thought I’d just post my concert plans for the rest of 2012 right here. It is my website, after all…

9/29 thru 9/30 – Everett, WA
10/10 – Cheyenne, WY
10/11 thru 10/14 – Colorado Springs, CO (private conference)
10/14 – Colorado Springs, CO
10/15 – Grand Junction, CO
10/17 – Las Vegas, NV
10/18 thru 10/21- Hume Lake, CA (private conference)
10/21 – Vacaville, CA
11/4 – Caldwell, ID (Valley Church Invasion service)
11/8 – Chapel at Boise Bible College
11/9 – Eagle, ID (Gary Smalley event)
11/17 thru 11/18 – Idaho Falls, ID
12/6 – KTSY Christmas Event

We decided to not tour in December this year, but I’m going to be working with 89.5 KTSY on a really cool Christmas event (more details to follow).

For 2013, so far we’re planning shows in AZ, TN, IL, IN, CA, OR, WA, ID, UT and CO. I’d like to get some things rolling for MI, WI and OH as well – and if your church or venue or conference is interested I’d love to talk with you guys – no matter where you are. Comment below or message me!

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3 Responses to TOURING UPDATE

  1. Cherrie Campbell says:

    So how was the tour? Where will you be next? Portland Oregon is due for a show, I think!!

  2. Teddy Harper says:

    Where in Las Vegas? I saw you here about 6 years ago, I think.

  3. Matt Witmer says:

    What? No Texas shows this year? Please get to Dallas again soon!!

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