Ten years ago, I hung out my shingle as a solo artist (after several great years with my indie band “the nobodys”). 2002 was a big year for me; I released my first solo CD, my son Josiah was born … and I moved my family 2,000 miles from Nashville to Idaho.

But secretly … I feared my music might never be heard by much of anyone, and that moving to a place like Idaho would be the death knell for my career. I didn’t want to acknowledge it, but there was a nagging voice in my mind saying “it’s all over – you’d better have a Plan B.”

But then a funny thing happened: my tour calendar started filling up, and by 2003 I had my first bona fide radio hit when “I Love You Lord” hit #1 (and stayed on the Billboard radio charts for over 9 months!). Soon I had more songs on the radio and had toured all over the U.S. I began a partnership with The JESUS Film Project and started hosting their daily radio feature. I was traveling overseas to places like Africa and China, and started working with the child sponsorship organization Mission of Mercy. My own ministry was deepening in new and unexpected ways.

I believe God honored my decision to put my family first by moving home. And throughout the last ten years, He’s been faithful – even through some serious rough patches.

What really strikes me now, ten years later, is that the THEME of “All I Know” is trusting in the faithfulness of God. A decade after its release I’m still learning some of the same lessons.

Here’s what I wrote at the end of the “thank you” section of the liner notes:

“Finally, to the God Who is big enough to handle all of our questions, wise enough to give us only the answers we can bear, and loving enough to have suffered on our behalf: we remember. May our praise be “a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear.”


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11 Responses to TEN YEARS

  1. Susannah S. says:

    And I remember when all of these things happened, sweet friend. We miss you here in Nashville – but I’m so very happy for the way things have turned out for you and the family. Big hugs from Tennessee ~

  2. Brent Adamson says:

    You have been a blessing since the first Sunday dinner– several years before Josiah was born. From my reading, it seems we all spend some time learning some of the same lessons– it sure has been for me.
    God Bless you brother,

  3. Aimee Herd says:


    Your music has been a blessing and encouragement to radio people everywhere. We continue to play it on ElijahStreams iRadio.


  4. Thom Strauss says:

    I’ve only just discovered your music, so I don’t know these songs. Where can I find this CD? Are you in stores or online?

  5. Neil Scott says:

    Like most people, I Love You Lord was the first song I ever heard. I bought your first cd expecting more worship songs and I was a little disappointed that most of the songs weren’t like the single. But it didn’t take long to really fall in love with your songwriting and now this cd is always in rotation on my ipod. Thanks for the inspiring music!

  6. Kenneth Hughes says:

    I first heard your music on the radio here in Texas. The song was “Remember” and I immediately thought it would be great for congregational worship. I’ve used it for my church countless times. I eventually started collecting your CDs, and your music is not only enjoyable to me personally, it continues to be effective in worship services. “I Will Stand (The Solid Rock)” is a great revitalization of a powerful hymn, and we use it regularly. Thanks for trusting Jesus and sharing your gifts!

  7. Shawna Kirby says:

    I love that CD! I noticed that “I Thought I Knew You” wasn’t on that “favorite songs” poll you did, but it’s one of my personal favorites. And I love how “I Will Never Leave You” comes right after it to provide comfort in answer to the anguish of the previous song. Brilliant.

  8. Angela says:

    Great perspective. It’s funny how we keep needing to relearn how to trust God. Thanks for the blog!

  9. Mary Kent says:

    Glad you came back to Idaho,brought your music with you and became our worship minister. You and your family have blessed our church in so many ways! Miss your music when you are on tour but you have put a great team together to carry on during those times. I hope your next ten years in the music business is bigger than the first. God Bless you for being faithful and an example for your family to follow and for serving our Lord.

  10. Lisa DeRosier says:

    Thank you for trusting God, putting family first and not giving up! You are a blessing and Idaho is proud to call you one of it’s own!

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