Okay people of Earth, I have an assignment for you! Of all the songs I’ve written and recorded, what are your favorites? While it may come across as a little needy, I can’t help asking – and I’d really like to know what you think! This kind of info is actually pretty helpful as I look at freshening up the set list for my shows.

So to make it interesting… Please take the poll (select up to 10 songs) and then comment with your #1 favorite. I’ll randomly select one contributor to win a CD or DVD of his/her choice. Click on for the poll… Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  1. Fred Riedel says:

    Have always loved “I Love You Lord” by Scott. We learned it from a CD a friend had and have done it quite a few times with our worship group. We have guitar, bass (at times), piano, drums, and 3 to 8 voices (depending on who can make it each weekend). The song has gone very well for us. Thanks to Scott.

  2. Scott Riggan says:

    OH! I SHOULD ANNOUNCE A WINNER: The contest is over, and I have literally just drawn the winning name out of a hat… The winner is … Mr. Scott Guinn! I’ll send him an email to determine what CD or DVD he’d like as his prize. Thanks again, everyone!!

  3. Scott Riggan says:

    Thanks everyone for all of your input. If I were having any self-esteem issues this would’ve been the perfect cure! You are all very kind and I’m truly grateful for your support.

  4. Paxton says:

    “Over my Shoulder” is probably one of my favorite favorites but it’s not on this list!

  5. Theresa Martin says:

    Mrs. Taylor…hits home in our family…but, love so many others, too =)

  6. Julie Parks says:

    my favorite is Remember.. I even have the T- shirt

  7. Mindy says:

    Ready to Fly is my favorite…listen to it loud all the way to work. The words just fit where I am. But I love all of your work. The words feel real and apply to all the seasons of life, and I love the guitar and piano in the music.

  8. Joel Peterson says:

    I see you! How can you not like this one?

  9. Sherry Belknap says:

    Mrs. Taylor is hands down my favorite. It’s moving and gives me goosebumps every time. (I DO LOVE the dating/dumped song too though :))

  10. Jannica says:

    Talk About Love is my all time fave but so many good ones. I’ve played the Youtube version of that one with your small set of band members dozens of times and love to let the tune roll around in my head as I go through the day. Thanks for ministering with your music — love it all!

  11. Kari says:

    “I Love You Lord” is one of my favorites….but actually you are just my favorite. 🙂

  12. love your music.. you seem so down to earth.. and I love readying your stories about your wife and kids.. my favorite has to be I SEE YOU.. I never get tired of listening to it..

  13. Susan says:

    Because we were blessed to use it as the theme song for one of our mission conference, Show Them Jesus will always be a favorite. 🙂 Bring Glory is another, but I really like them all. Thankful that you let Him use you.

  14. Kelley Reid says:

    “I Love You Lord” hands down. It was my first Scott Riggan musical experience.

  15. Linda says:

    My very, very favorite wasn’t on the list–most likely because it is a Christmas song. I believe the title is “Bethlehem,” or perhaps that is the title of the CD or both! In any case, “I love you Lord,” is also way up there. Love your music, it always ushers me into the presence of God.

  16. Renee says:

    Another vote for Bethlehem!!

  17. Phil White says:

    It’s hard to pick since I like all your songs. However, “Show them Jesus” will always have a very special place in my heart.

  18. nicole barton says:

    act of surrender is my number one. it is very upbeat.

  19. Can’t choose just one. Tie for first place:
    Act of Surrender
    Like Incense

  20. WORDS FAIL – the version with horns and that awesome interlude ROCKS!!!!

  21. Clint says:

    Halitosis song is my fav.

  22. Brenna Hargrove says:

    A vote for Bethlehem. Do we get to choose Christmas music? It is the “desert-y violin” that clinches it.

  23. sue and gary warren says:

    Scott-I had no idea you had written so many wonderful songs for the Lord!We would love to hear you sing “The Lord of the Dance” by the Dubliners- Jim McCann, it is such a wonderful worship song we would love to sing it in church some Sunday!You are very blessed to be a vessel for our Lord!

  24. Mrs Taylor is definitely my favorite; I love the focus on sacrifice and love rather than our culture’s favored slam against politics.

  25. Mike Williams says:

    Love Called My Name is probably the first song of yours I ever heard and I listen to it allllll the time. That whole album is great, though. Act of Surrender very close second.

  26. Scott Riggan says:

    Hey Jennifer, sorry about leaving “Even If” off the list. Since I’ve never recorded it as a solo artist, I didn’t include it on here. However, I’m planning to put it on my next CD which will probably be out in 2013…

  27. Zeke says:

    Disappointed that ‘Answers Don’t Come Easy’ and ‘I thought I knew you’ aren’t on the list.

    I must say that ‘Movin’ To Mayberry’ pops into my head all of the time (stuck in traffic, wandering down country roads with dogs following me, etc…)

    Can’t you be crazy, Like Incense, Talk About Love, and Forgiveness also make my favorites list.

  28. Brandon says:

    Love called my name

  29. Craig says:

    Bring Glory is by far my fav!

  30. My favorite is Even If which didn’t even make the favorites list! Sigh!

  31. Shawna Kirby says:

    Act of Surrender! I See You is a close second.

  32. Kevin Ontiveros says:

    Act of Surrender is my absolute favorite. Met you at Hume Lake CC Father/Daughter retreat. Had lunch with you and the band. My girls were thrilled that we got to sit with you and the band.

  33. Sandra Capri says:

    I can’t choose – I love so many of them!

  34. Scott Johnson says:

    I see you didn’t list “Holding On” — the *original* demo! 😉

  35. Mark French says:

    Remember is my favorite song. Like Incense is also very good.

  36. Lisa DeRosier says:

    God bless you and your ministry!

  37. Doug Weiss says:

    Hi Scott, I have to say “Show Them Jesus” is my favorite.

  38. Kristin Page says:

    Act of Surrender! Love singing along with it! One of my favs!

  39. Jeremy Wright says:

    I like your rendition of Eleanor Rigby; hard to go wrong with a Beatles cover!

  40. Stacey Van Kirk says:

    #1 Act of Surrender! 🙂

  41. Erik Pyle says:

    Mayberry has my vote. Until you add Sesame Street!

  42. Shannon Crites says:

    I love you Lord. That song has been a huge part of my healing, and something I always turn to when I am down.

  43. betsy lewis says:

    Halitosis Song. . . since about 1998 😉

  44. Vin Lewis says:

    I’m a big fan of Show Them Jesus. I first heard it on the radio a few years ago and it just expressed exactly what my heart wanted to say.

  45. Emily Kirk says:

    Love most of your songs..

  46. Leesa says:

    Bring Glory is my #1 fave … Of course, if the Facebook song was on the list it might have gotten my #1 🙂

  47. Mandy Baker says:

    Scott I moved to Eastern Idaho almost 2 years ago and I miss Sunday morning worship a ECC so much but everytime I am back it is like coming home. I remember the first concert I went to of yours when you sang the Halitosis song I nearly fell out of my chair. So funny and although I love many of your songs that one is a wonderful memory. I had the pleasure of having Emily in my SS class. She is a true gem and if I had favorites she would be one of them. 🙂 Blessings to you and your family.

  48. Carson Mead says:

    I Love You Lord is my favorite worship song of all time, and your version is really special to me. Thanks!

  49. Jason says:

    “Matches” is my number one. I know, I know…but it’s still my number one. 🙂

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