Five weeks ago, our sweet-natured black lab (Blackberry) had a litter of 12 puppies. They are cute and playful and curious, as you would expect. They are also poopy. And they like to bite – something which we’re actively discouraging. I especially love the wobbly way they all walk (a little drunkenly, it looks like) and how they’ll gambol around when they play.

We’re going to keep the runt of the litter, a chocolate lab that Josiah named Rhino (I don’t think Josiah knows about irony yet, but I love that name for such a little pup.) There’s another one that has kind of won my heart (sweet little Rose, a black lab who has more personality than the other 11 combined), but we can only keep one, so it’ll have to be “adios Rosie”…

The puppies are enjoying exploring our yard and slowly expanding their world. First they discovered our front porch – which is shady in the morning. Next came the deep cover of the rose bushes (nice and cool during the mid-day). Now they hang out in the evening in the back yard, where there’s lots of room to play.

Here’s Blackberry the day after delivery. She looks just a bit tired, doesn’t she?

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  1. Angela Cole says:

    Oh I want one!!! Of course, I’m probably a thousand miles from you, so that ain’t happenin’. We have an older golden lab who we will miss terribly when she is gone.

  2. Jenny Higgins says:

    So cute! Are you selling any of them???

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