I had the privilege of singing at a funeral not long ago.

Although I wasn’t really well acquainted with the man or his family, I was fascinated by how those who knew and loved him remembered his life and character.

Over and over, he was described as an upbeat, courageous guy. Someone who always saw the positive side of things. An optimist.

As he was lying in his hospital bed near the end, whenever anyone asked how he was doing his reply was always “it’s all good.” Evidently this had always been his catchphrase – “it’s all good” – and it was his way of expressing optimism and hopefulness.

As I sang “It Is Well With My Soul,” I thought about the stories his family and friends had just shared, and the words of the song felt suddenly fresh and significant:

When peace like a river attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, You have taught me to say . . . it’s all good.

Is that something that I can say – in good times or bad? “It is well with my soul” or “it’s all good”…? I have to admit it; I’m a whiner when faced with frustration or difficulty. It doesn’t take much adversity for me to start complaining.

So today I’m thinking about that funeral and wondering if I can start to say “it’s all good” a little more often.

There are worse catchphrases.

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  1. Angela says:


  2. Jim Morton says:

    Hmm…”It’s all good”…what I think of when I hear that phrase is not really that it’s truly all good. What I think of is Jesus Himself in the garden. He laid it all down again and said “not my will but thine”. If you take the cup from me – ok. If you don’t – ok. He knew the Father in ways nobody ever had and trusted Him with no reservations. This requires more than a catch phrase. This requires surrender. If we are to be able to say – honestly – it’s all good – what we’re really saying is; He’s all Good and I trust Him.

  3. Jeff says:

    That’s a powerful truth. I’ve always kind of hated that phrase “it’s all good” – it’s just always struck me as an empty saying. But this gives it a whole different depth. I probably will still cringe whenever I hear someone say it, but I’ll also be reminded of “it is well,” so I guess (ahem), it’s all good.

  4. Julie says:

    I never thought of this song this way, but I like it!
    very positive.

  5. Jason says:

    Cathy said the exact same thing.

    Reality seems to be more real when Christians are faced with greeting the King in person.

  6. heidi collins says:

    I had a miscarriage 7 years ago, and from that time on “It Is Well” became my song. I’ve also drawn strength from your songs – especially “Heal Me,” “I Thought I Knew You” and “Never”. “Answers Don’t Come Easy” hits a little too close to home, so I have to admit it’s hard to listen to. But it’s beautiful. It’s all good. 🙂

  7. CarolBeth says:

    I’m just wondering…did you SING that? They probably would have loved it, if you did. How about “simply dandy” “absolutely fabulous”? Do those work?

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