An exchange in my kitchen on Saturday morning:

Julie: “Who’s ready for a muffin?”
Josiah: “I was born ready… except I wouldn’t have had teeth I guess.”

Joey is still at the age when he says really funny things with complete seriousness. Do your kids say things like this? Comments, please!

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4 Responses to BORN READY

  1. Wallace Kelley says:

    My son was always very literal when he was younger. This led to a lot of humorous moments in our family. He’s a teen now, so those stories are incredibly embarrassing to him now.

  2. Terry Vaughn says:

    I wish I had written down some of the funny things my kids used to say.

  3. Shannon Crites says:

    When we first moved here and started attending Eagle Christian Church, my youngest Nathan (who was 4 at the time) had heard one of your songs on the radio. My husband says “Do you know the guy who was signing at church the other day?” Nathan says “yes, he was good.” Hubs-” The guy you hear singing on the radio is the same guy”. Nathan-” No its not, he only sings at church”.
    It took awhile to get him to realize it.

  4. Traber says:

    We were watching a movie the other night that would more or less be considered a teeny bopper chick flick. A bit into it, Rylan (6 year old son) sighed loudly and said, “I don’t know if I can do this.” I leaned over and said in a loud whisper, “It’s a girl movie,” to which he said, “I know.”

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