I just stumbled upon this article I wrote several years ago and thought I would share it with you guys.

It was turning into one of those days when nothing could go right. It had started with some minor car trouble and a couple of frustrating phone calls followed by a long, pointless meeting. I had just taken a sip of coffee (noticing too late the bug floating in the mug) when the phone rang.

I hesitated. It had been nothing but bad news all morning, so maybe, I thought, it would be better to just let it go to voice mail. But I answered anyway, and it was my four-year-old, Emily. She was shouting into the phone and talking so fast that it took me a moment to figure out that she was saying: “Daddy! The baby smiled at me!” And this made my day.

It wasn’t just that baby Josiah had finally smiled – although, to be honest, he was three months old and it was getting to the point where his very survival might be threatened if he didn’t turn up the “cuteness” a bit. Any sleep-deprived parent of an infant knows what I mean.

No. The thing that made my day was this: something truly remarkable had happened in my little girl’s life (“The baby smiled! At me!”) and the first thing she wanted to do was call Daddy so she could tell me all about it. For the moment, at least, I forgot everything else and just enjoyed being “Dad.”

I have no doubt that it make God’s day when He hears from us. This is actually a little shocking if you give it any real thought. The Almighty God calls Himself our “Father”…? It may be hard to fathom, but the fact is that our Father takes great pleasure when you and I bring to Him our concerns, our joys, our fears – even our questions. Our prayers are like incense (Psalm 140:1-2) and our worship is truly a “sweet, sweet sound” in His ear.

It makes His day when He hears from you.

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6 Responses to GO AHEAD: MAKE MY DAY

  1. Bryson Grant says:

    Personally, I take great comfort from knowing that God desires a relationship with his children.

  2. Cassidy Mallory says:

    It’s a cute story, but I’m not sure that I can think of God as a “daddy” who is thrilled by the cute shenanigans of his kids. I think we are in trouble when we start viewing God as anything less than the Almighty, Sovereign King and Lord. We pray to Him, but it’s not about giving Him warm fuzzies. I don’t mean to criticize, just point out that this way of thinking can be a little dangerous.

  3. Jeff Aubrey says:

    I have to admit that I mostly feel like a pest when I pray. I’ve never been very good at getting past the request part of prayer.

  4. Kathy Dennis says:

    Wow!! Way to put things into perspective. I need to make more “phone calls” to my Father. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. heidi collins says:

    Great blog. And I know exactly what you mean about that magic moment when your baby starts smiling.

  6. Kirstin Marque says:

    Is that your family? They are beautiful! 🙂

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