So here’s the deal… In honor of my Big Date with my daughter Emily this Friday, I’m giving away an mp3 of my song “Don’t Cry (Goodnight Emily)” that I wrote for her when she was a baby.

Click HERE, enter the code SCOTTFREE4FEB and download your free song! Let me know what you think…

The song was on my first solo CD “All I Know” but this version was from a couple years earlier when I was still with the band The Nobodys (the Christian band, not the punk band)… If you’re curious, check out this REVIEW from a British magazine (with song samples).

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  1. Scott Riggan says:

    Okay, everyone, that special download code is officially KAPUT! Thanks to all of you who downloaded the free song! Hope you enjoyed that little blast from my musical past… I’ll occasionally have more “MP-frees” to share with you, so keep an eye on this website (and/or Facebook). In fact, getting on my mailing list is the very best way to avoid missing out on stuff like this. Click on the “Contact” page and sign up today!

    Grace, peace and good vibes,

  2. Scott Riggan says:

    Thanks guys! I loved being in the nobodys back in the day, and it was fun to listen to the song samples from that CD. I haven’t listened to any of it in years… I’ve re-recorded a few of those old tunes and kind of forgotten how the originals sounded…

  3. heidi collins says:

    What an awsome song!! I love that you did such a different version on your own, but this is great too.

  4. Jon Groves says:

    Interesting, but I like your acoustic version a lot better. Didn’t know you were in a rock band before.

  5. Sara Short says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love it!

  6. Martin Bowen says:

    SUCH A GREAT SONG! This rocks! Thanks for the free download. Now I have to go to iTunes and check out the version from your solo CD.

  7. Grant Stevenson says:

    That’s one of our favorite songs! This free download version is really cool and very different from the acoustic version that we already loved. But we like it too (especially our little Emily, who is now 6).

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