My son Josiah and I had a “guy’s night out” last Friday – which of course meant pizza and arcade games. Our local pizza joint has exactly two (2) working arcade games – small town, you know – but it was still fun.

1983 quarterUsually I give Joey just a few quarters (I’m pretty cheap), but since I took his sister on a relatively expensive date last week (Olive Garden and a movie) I let him have a lot more quarters – and he had a blast.

There was another little boy there enjoying the games too. Most of the time this kid was “playing” a shoot-em-up game without putting any quarters in. And although he eventually got his hands on a few coins, he very quickly blew through them.

The funny thing was that I think he liked pretending to play the game just as much as he did actually playing it.

So that was Friday. Now the weekend is over, and I bet that many of us went to church and forgot to bring any quarters. Here’s what I mean: a lot of us are content with watching the action from a distance – not really investing anything in our churches. Being spectators, not participants.

But worship isn’t something we watch someone else do. Prayer isn’t something we leave to the professionals. God’s Word isn’t just for scholars to study.

I know that nobody likes to be scolded, and I really hope that’s not what this sounds like. I just think we miss out on so much when go to church and just … skim the surface.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to BRING ANY QUARTERS?

  1. Jeremy D says:

    I was at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert and I saw you were wearing a Donkey Kong shirt. Classic!

  2. Nancy says:

    It is easy to miss out when we sit and watch but not listen. I have to say that I do take advantage on the online services also… just in case I missed anything 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Worship also isn’t just for Sundays either. He wants all of us all the time! We worship with our lives in everything we do!

  4. Jim Peterson says:

    Gods good and perfect gifts cannot be received from the sidelines..He calls us to fully submit to him and never
    desire the minimum..The Bible talks about God wishing his
    children were hot or cold..and finding most on the sidelines

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