In my previous post (“Love – Or Learn To Sew”) it was suggested that Christians could use some kind of identifying uniform (something better than a Jesus Fish or Christian t-shirt). Now I’m curious – what kind of “uniform” would you propose, and why? Remember, the Penguin Costume has already been submitted…

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  1. Jason says:

    indelible ink in the baptistry?

    how about “777” tattooed on the forehead? To represent completeness in Christ and, of course, to distinguish us from those naughty “666” folk.

  2. chris says:

    Something slimming like,say, black in a size 6 or maybe a 4. And of course it would fit perfectly. Oh you mean something that would set us apart.

  3. I’m thinking necklace/bracelet/etc type of thing; something both guys and gals can wear. With mirrors. Reflecting God’s light right? Either that, or hats with LED lights all over them. Shine!

  4. Vin Lewis says:

    This has been done before – monks in their rough robes, nuns in their habits, priests with their collars. But something ALL Christians would wear? How about jeans and a tshirt? I’m already there.

  5. Paxton says:

    love is the only Christ approved mark of a Christian. Of course, as flawed, feeling humans, knowing our limits in Christian love is important. Romans 13:8-10

  6. Connie Young says:

    How about a doctor or nurse outfit? Bringing the healing message of Christ.

  7. Scott Riggan says:

    I’m looking for costume/uniform ideas. Feel free to comment about “they’ll know we’re Christians by our love” on the other blog post HERE. Let’s see some creative thinking! And … GO!

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