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At a party not long ago, I got roped into playing a bizarre card game called “Mao.” There are a lot of rules to this game, but the first rule is that, if you’ve never played before, no one can … Continue reading

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What’s your Favorite Lame Lyric? Comment below… Over on my FaceBook music page, I called for lame lyric nominations. I was thinking about poor Rebecca Black (whose song “Friday” is a huge YouTube phenomenon) and how embarrassed she’ll be when … Continue reading

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Played games last night with Julie and the kids. In Pictionary, Emily and I usually get beat pretty badly by Julie and Joey, but this time we almost beat them. I have to say, though, that Julie’s kangaroo was one … Continue reading

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Today Joey mentioned that he wouldn’t want to live in New York because “you’d have to be clean and fancy all the time.” I’m not sure where he gets his unique ideas about the world…

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I’m helping Joey with homework and he looks up at me with an admiring expression. I ask “what is it, bud?” He’s obviously going to say something like “thanks for the help, Dad – you’re really smart.” Instead: “Dad, you … Continue reading

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I have made an astonishing discovery: the water fountain at Emmett’s community center has magical qualities. I’m not sure exactly what those qualities are, but the water itself appears to have an irresistible appeal. Here’s how I’ve come to know … Continue reading

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