So if you’re like most people, you probably sit and wonder “What can I do for Scott Riggan today?” It’s perfectly understandable. So – helpful friend that I am – I’m here to offer a solution to your dilemma… Here are some ways you can help a brotha out:

  • Do you use iTunes? Visit the iTunes store and give a 5-star rating to my CDs (especially the new one “Remember“). You can also leave a comment (something nice, perhaps?) to help persuade people to check out my tunes.
  • Follow me on Twitter – and suggest me to friends. There’s always “Follow Friday”, for example…
  • Are you on FaceBook? My music page is HERE – you can “like” it and “suggest to friends”.

So that’s a good start, I think… Seriously – thanks for all of your help, guys. I really do appreciate anything you do to help me get my music heard.

Grace, peace and good vibes,

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