I’ve never had the patience for putting together jigsaw puzzles. And to be honest, if I’m going to invest that much time in something mundane and time consuming there had better be a bigger payoff than, “hey, this really does look like the picture on the box!” Now if there were a big bowl of ice cream waiting for me as a reward, that would be a lot more motivational…

If you’ve ever assembled a puzzle, you probably have a method you prefer. Maybe you like to start with the corners or with the edges. Or perhaps you like sorting pieces by color. Whatever your system is, I bet your first step would be to look at the picture to see what the puzzle is supposed to look like when it’s all done.

I’m thinking of a friend who’s going through a confusing and difficult time in his life and career. Right now, the pieces of his life don’t seem to be fitting together, and he’s fighting off discouragement. He told me that he’s trying to keep in mind the “big picture” because He draws strength from knowing that God is ultimately in control.

Life can be puzzling, and we all have our individual ways of sorting it all out. But having God’s word as our guide and His Son as our model is great encouragement. So let’s “fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” (Heb 12:2) and “be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children,” (Eph 5:1) knowing that our loving God has our ultimate good at heart. (Rom 8:28)

Being conformed to the image of Christ is what our “big picture” is supposed to look like.

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2 Responses to THE BIG PICTURE

  1. Melinda Deighton says:

    Excellent article, Scott. Thanks!

  2. Jared Kidd says:

    I hate puzzles.

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