I’ve long been a huge fan of Rich Mullins … I recorded “I See You” as a duet with my friend Jaime Thietten, and I’m attaching a bootleg recording from an embarrassing night in Tennessee when I massacred the song. Jaime was with me and she handled the debacle with grace, but still …

I love how this simple song invites us to seek God’s will for our lives; Rich’s lyric suggests that – as we read in Romans 1:20 and Psalm 19 – all of creation proclaims the existence of God. But we are not left with generalities; He has further revealed Himself through Christ and through His Word, The Bible. And in His Word, we are given an astonishingly clear picture of what it looks like to walk in the will of God.

Well the grass will die / And the flowers fall
But Your Word’s alive / And it will be after all
And everywhere I go, I see You

I, for one, plan to keep my eyes peeled …

P.S. Whenever we can, Jaime Thietten and I try to team up for concerts. Not long ago I did a show in Nashville and invited Jaime to join me for our duet of “I See You“. It turned out to be the second time that I COMPLETELY SCREWED UP the song. And because I apparently have no shame, I’m attaching a bootleg recording from that embarrassing night so that you can hear the huge mistake and recovery followed by “You Are My King” and “Act of Surrender”…[slidepress gallery=’everywhere-i-go-i-see-you-post’]

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7 Responses to EVERYWHERE I GO, I SEE YOU…

  1. I will sincerely declare you establish some great ideas and I will post a number of good ideas to add to shortly.

  2. Karen says:

    Where can I buy a cd?

    • Scott Riggan says:

      Hey Karen, thanks for the comment! I’m guessing you’re interested in the CD that has my duet with Jaime Thietten (“I See You”), right? That CD is called “Remember” – and you can get it right here on my website at the Store. Thanks!

  3. Carla Svage says:

    I would really like to do your song in Feb. Could we please get an acomplment to this CD, Thanks Carla Savage

  4. Tom Douglass says:

    That was funny Scott (the oopsy at the your concert), but great recovery. I do have some openings in my schedule if you decide to seek my professional guidance in stage presence and presentation. LOL. My love goes out to you brother, great job on the duet with Jamie and the new album which I have PRE-ORDERED. Oh, by the way, just sign it, “To my bestest friend, Tom, Thanks for all of your support and guidence in the developement of my career. You are truly an inspiration and I look forward to supporting your solo career and partnering up on your new CD. You are the mostest awesomest performer, and best kept secret in the world. I am truly honored that someone as great as you would purchase my works. As always, the privilage is mine, Scott”. Too much? Or you could just write, “To Tom, Thanks, Scott.” Take care and God bless. Tom

  5. Jen Guarino says:

    This is why I like you. You are just real. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I’m looking forward to the upcoming concerts you will be doing.

  6. Kristin says:

    Oh that’s great! I love how you guys kept your cool and just jumped right back into the song! I’ve been hearing the song on the radio and it’s so beautiful.

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